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Thread: Integrating forums as custom content

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    Hello everyone,

    I just installed vBadvanced on my site, It's up and running fine but I really don't want to have a homepage and the forum. I want the forum to show up in the middle and let vBadvanced help me with side columns and modules.

    I see that other people have suggested integrating index.php, forum.php and forumdisplay.php, none of which have worked for me. Here's the location of my test page. I've also tried the THIS_SCRIPT method.

    Right now it should be integrating forumdisplay.php and it's blank, but like I said it's also doing so for all the other things I've tried. Please help me out. I love this software but really want to keep the forum as the main page with the vBa CMS wrapped around it.


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    Try using the THIS_SCRIPT method and enter 'index' (without the quotes) for the file you want to integrate.
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