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Thread: Image Path Issue after Upgrade

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    Question Image Path Issue after Upgrade

    I recently upgraded from vB 3.8.7 to vB 4.1.12 and have an issue with vBadvanced Links. More specifically, I am having an image path problem. vBadvanced Links is trying to pull images from the /links/images/ folder when the image that is called for is actually a vBulletin image and should be found in the vBulletin images folder /forums/images/.

    I tried running the install script again to fix the image paths but it said all of the paths were fine.

    Which path is the correct path? For now, I have copied these images over to the /links/images/ folder so they will show up. I believe that the path is supposed to be to the vB images folder /forums/images/ and the path needs to be corrected. so, how do I do this. Also, my path to the forum directory is correct in the config file. Thanks.

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    Have you tried the suggestions from our FAQ? As long as your forum URL is set correctly then then install script should be able to update your paths for you. If not though there are instructions on how to manually update them.
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