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Thread: Issues With Moving To New Server

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    Default Issues With Moving To New Server

    Sometime in the next week I will be moving my live site to a new server. In hopes of preventing any extended downtime, I'd like to copy the site to the new server prior to the official move and make sure that I've got the correct packages installed, etc. I've yet to actually get the site to launch on the test server because of errors from most of my addons.

    Currently, I'm receiving this error -

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function print_portal_output() in /home/xxxxx/public_html/index.php on line 46

    A quick Google search tells me this is probably from vBa. Since I can't launch the site, I can't access admincp to uninstall any programs or plugins.

    Any suggestions that might help? Is there any way of disabling vBa with code changes?


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    Sounds like you may need to open your index.php file and change the $forumpath variable to point to the new path to your forums.

    FYI, the CMPS would not stop you from accessing your forums or Admin CP. Just go to the URL for your test server, then add "/forum.php" at the end.
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