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Thread: A number of smaller problems leading up to a larger one

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    Default A number of smaller problems leading up to a larger one

    So I have vBa CMPS, what a wonderful system it is. However, I'm having a small issue I cannot seem to smooth out.

    Whenever I attempt to log in, I get a "Invalid Redirect URL (" error. I know what is causing this, however, I'm not sure how I'd go about repairing it. What I think it is, is the fact that the forum is on a subdomain, and the portal is on the main page (The main page is and the forum is on and vBulletin won't redirect to a page that isn't one of the forum pages. But I can't fix that. What would I do in this situation?

    Is it possible to fix this issue? I've ensured the board URL is what it's supposed to be.
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