I am sure this is something very simple I am missing, but it is driving me nuts.

I had everything set up so when you clicked on the "logo" it directed correctly to the integrated forums page. We changed servers and now it does not work right. If I go directly to http://www.policewives.org/new/index.php it shows my forums "wrapped" correctly. However, if I click on the logo which used to take me to the same thing, it shows my forums, but its no longer wrapped and the images arent showing correctly.
I have tried changing the link in vbulleting and the cmps link and am just at a loss now because I still can not get it to work correctly. It used to be just set to just http://www.policewives.org/new/ but since the server change that just directs me to the portal page.
I hope this all makes sense. Any help would be greatly appreciated.