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Thread: Our VBA site hacked

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    Default Our VBA site hacked

    Our site was hacked but only the VBA. Is there a know exploit for VBA?

    Anyone else heard of this? I can access all the other parts except main page.

    We are running latest VBA.


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    There are no known exploits but that doesn't mean there are none, however it could just as easily be some poor coding/additions that are in use on your vBa pages.

    What is the URL. Which version ov vB and vBa, what has been added to the CMPS?

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    It was some guy from turkey, he placed his alias and the flag stating the site has been hacked. I removed that index.php for now so it gives a site error now.

    forums and everything else is still functional.

    We run 4.2.0 and the URL is


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