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    Hey i have a couple of presale questions

    1, Will this script work on Litespeed and or php5+

    2, Will this work with the new Vb4 or Vb4 suite

    3, Can i add custom fields for links example

    4, Can I specify, who can see catargores by VB usergroup?
    Group 1 can see category 1.. Group 2 can see 2.. Group 3 can see both?

    5, this maybe very obvious, but i couldnt see it when I looked before
    HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? is it branding free if not is there a price to have it band free??

    thanks in advance

    I realise some of these questions may already be answered, but i was finding conflicting repsonces, figured it would be best to get them answered here

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    1). Yes.
    2). Yes, and yes.
    3). Yes.
    4). Yes.
    5). $39.99 with the copyright notice, or $99.98 total for the branding free version.
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