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Thread: Home and Forum navbar links 'selected'

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    Default Home and Forum navbar links 'selected'

    Any way to only have the current page show up as 'selected' (indicated by the button being red). If you click on 'Forum' for instance, only the Forum link is highlighted by the red background. I am using the navbar link option in the page settings for Home.

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    That is because of vB4.2.0 Navigation manager


    vBa CMPS needs upgrading for vB4.2.0 or
    as a work around disable menu for CMPS and make your own using the Navigation Manager

    There is a blog on and the item on above to show you howto
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    Rick (site owner) and Kym (site tech) using this account
    Please vote for IPv6 support

    Home of the AP fully comprehensive vb4 photographic competition management solution

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    Thanks for the information!

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