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Thread: Array error "site navigation" & "online users"

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    Default Array error "site navigation" & "online users"

    See my home page for the errors:

    The "Site Navigation" and "Online Users" blocks, seen on the left don't have their data showing. Instead, it merely says "Array."

    I just upgraded to vb 4.1.13, and vbcmps 4.2.

    I've checked this with both the default vb skin and the custom skin which is 4.1.12 compatible.

    100% of all the vbcmps templates are original templates...I have not edited any of them. There is nothing to revert to.

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    Woah...just fixed this. Don't know why it was fixed the way it was, but it seems to be ok now.

    For those who may experience the same problem in the future:

    1) I had added a custom vbcmps template (in my case, a PayPal donation block) that didn't get carried over w/ the upgrade to the new skin.

    2) I copied the code for that template (from my old skin) and created a new template in the new version of the skin.

    Once I did that, the 2 other modules (who's online and site nav) seem to be functioning once again.

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    Glad you got it fixed
    I may or may not do things.

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