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    Hello -

    I have a website with an established layout and use a number of different scripts within it, including vbulletin. I am frustrated by the fact that vbulletin is locked up in its little directory, and most of the content, variables, phrases, etc. for vbulletin and its mods are not readily available to the rest of the site. I see that vbadvanced has overcome this, and am hoping that your cpms will allow me to overcome this limitation, and also allow me to maintain my current design. I've seen a lot of sites using vbadvanced, but they all look like a modified vbulletin.

    Does your cmps make it possible to use the variables, phrases, widgets, and user personalizations to my whole site, while being able to maintain the site design I have developed over the years?

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    The CMPS does allow you to use vB phrases, variables, modules from the CMPS, and etc. It does also allow you to create new pages that include other .php or .html files from your server as the content of the page.
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