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Thread: Issue with Menu Tabs

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    Default Issue with Menu Tabs

    For some reason, my vB installation thinks that the home page is also apart of the forum, but its not.

    Normally, when you are browsing the forum, only the forum tab is highlighted.

    But when on the home page, both tabs are highlighted. Anyone know how to fix this?

    See attached image.

    Would appreciate any help,

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    Thank you for pointing this out. This has been fixed already in the download package, and those who have already installed can correct the issue by adding a new plugin with the following values:

    Product: vBadvanced CMPS
    Hook Location: navigation_tab_complete
    Title: Nav Tab
    Execution Order: 5
    Plugin PHP Code:
    PHP Code:
    if (VBA_SCRIPT == 'CMPS')
    $tabid 0;

    Plugin is Active: Yes
    Frequently Asked Questions
    CMPS Users Manual

    For vBadvanced software assistance, please use the support forums.
    Unsolicted PMs, IMs, and email will not be responded to.
    If you have a non-software related question or problem with your account, please submit a support ticket.

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    Works great! Thank you very much sir!

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