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Thread: Help with adding vB Links to Navigation Manager

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    Default Help with adding vB Links to Navigation Manager

    I have vB Links setup and it is working correctly and I simply want to add it to the Navigation Manager as a new Tab.

    When I do this, though, the Navigation Manager has vBadvanced Link Directory under the heading Product, but it is crossed out.

    Here is what I have entered in the Edit screen:

    Identity tab_ntyw_848
    Active Yes

    Product vBadvanced Links Directory
    Title PRO Links

    Target URL

    Display Order 50

    Show Permission Name

    Append 'tabid' to URL No

    Tab Script(s)

    The tab is not showing so obviously I've left out one or more steps, but I can't find what those steps should be.

    Can someone help me, please?

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    In the main Navigation Manager have you ticked the active box for the new Links tab as by default ive found mine to be inactive to start with

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