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Thread: How do I include content in the 'Recent Threads' module?

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    Question How do I include content in the 'Recent Threads' module?

    We've recently needed to do a series of updates driven by our hosts upgrading their servers. In the effort to keep up with the changes made, we lost our previous config for how the 'Recent Threads' module was setup for use on the home page.

    What we used to have was a number of threads where you could not only see the thread title, but also some of the content (first post I believe). I can't see that as a default option anywhere within the vBa CMPS, so am assuming it's probably some form of template modification that's required. Does anyone know of such a template, or can guide me in modifying a copy of an existing one?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    I guess people don't do this sort of thing then

    I'm still open to suggestions

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