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Thread: vBa alternate <td> background color

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    Default vBa alternate <td> background color


    I would like to have different bgcolor for the <td> in recent treads module. This is what I have on my current website site now (

    It's phpBB but now I want to change to VB4 and I am trying to reproduce the design of my current site as closely as possible on the vBadvance index page I've set up here:

    I'm trying to include this javascript (jquery) code in the modules:
    <script src=""></script>
      //for table row
      $("#alternate:even").css("background-color", "#000000");
      $("#alternate:odd").css("background-color", "#ff0000");
    but it's not having any effect. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated! I am even willing to pay for support.

    Thank you!

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    Never mind I got it working. Is this forum dead?

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