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Thread: vbAdvanced vs vbCMS

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    Default vbAdvanced vs vbCMS

    How hard is it to configure and customize the front end of vbAdvanced? I have downloaded it, but not installed it. I'm trying to get an idea just how customizable it is compared to the vbCMS. I am not worried about widgets, moreso the layout of the articles and the automatic import of RSS feeds.


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    this for example / demo (use vBadvanced and vBcms)

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    Default More discussion please vb-Advanced vs. vb-CMS

    Tue 29 Jan 2013, 1:46 pm

    Hi Newbie here,

    I am resurrecting this old thread because I would welcome more discussion comparing and contrasting vb-Advanced and vb-CMS . I have a new vb4.2 Forum and am "trying" to wrap my head around CMS. I don't mind the way it looks, but the learning curve is unnecessarily and ridiculously thick and complex. The CP is a mess. It takes an hour to figure out how to do basic things which should take five minutes to intuit. The relationship between articles, sections, layouts, grids and categories is opaque and esoteric. While there are good tutorials on Youtube about how to add a layout, for example, no one is taking the time to explain how layouts work in relation to articles and sections. Why do I want to add a layout, and how does that effect the overall presentation of the CMS?

    Sorry for the rant, but my time is valuable and spending two weeks being only partially successful trying to figure this beast out is v. frustrating.

    Anyway, I wonder if there is anything easier to use which is just as effective . . . and where does vb-Advanced fit into that question? Is it easier than vbcms? Just to post some front page type news and articles, could I get away with it as a replacement?

    Thanks for more discussion.

    Khon Kaen, Thailand

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    Sat 18 May 2013, 11:58 am

    Nearly five months later, still hoping for some discussion. Am I stubborn or do I just enjoy pounding my head up against the wall??? Using vbCMS for several months and it's a PIG! The technical/mechanical learning curve is crazy-making, and there is precious little guidance or discussion about presentation and design. So, I have just been blundering through as best as I can.

    Right now I am struggling with a permissions problem; non-registered users cannot access CMS Even though I have set the permissions appropriately, I think.

    1. Is vbAdvanced less opaque, easier to use, more trouble-free?
    2. Are there permissions problems
    3. What are the relative pros & cons of each?


    Khon Kaen, Thailand.

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