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    Default Category Module

    Could someone point me to blog or article that describes how to create a category/thread module? I want it to appear on main page exactly like

    thanks in advance.

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    This category module is thw same as the default category module, only his style is making it look like that

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    But still this is a good idea.

    I dont know why vbadvanced offers only "news section" to display posts on your homepage...that is so limiting for a CMS...

    Imagine having 3 different categories in the forum. And 3 seperate modules for that. Each displaying its own posts on the homepage. Like news 1, 2 and 3.

    Or having the info being displayed > Posted by admin on 11/6 in category: News2

    So far I was thinking of duplicating the news module three times, but how would I control vbadvanced general settings > news module options...for 2 and 3?

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