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Thread: A New Template Module which Shows Different Content per Category

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    Question A New Template Module which Shows Different Content per Category

    I wanted to create a new module to put on to the Browse Category page which will show some different text for each category.

    For this purpose I decided to add a new template module.

    So I created a new template (ACP > Styles & Templates > Style Manager > Add New Template, for selected style) and I added the following code to my template:
    <vb:if condition="$catid == 2">some text about category 2</vb:if>
    <vb:if condition="$catid == 1">some text about category 1</vb:if>

    I then made a new template module (ACP > VBa Dynamics instance > Add module > template) and edited the module layouts to add the new template module I created, to the Browse Category page in the right column.

    However the text with the vb:if-conditional surrounding it did not show up on the page, but when the conditional was removed the text showed up fine.

    Although I found that the above code does not work if it is put in a template module which is then subsequently put on to the Browse Category page, I did however find that it works fine if I put the same code directly in the ADV_DYNA_BROWSECATEGORY template.

    So my questions are; am I doing something wrong in creating the conditional for the new template module? Is there a way for me to get some different bits of text to come up in a custom module when viewing each category?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    tfm (posting from aam's account)
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    The $catid variable would not be globalized within your custom template. Try adding a new plugin with the following values and that should take care of the issue.

    Product: vBa Dynamics
    Hook Location: vba_dyna_browsecategory_start
    Title: Globalize $catid For Module
    Execution Order: 5
    Plugin PHP Code: Be sure to change your_template_name_here in the code below to the name of your custom template.
    PHP Code:
    vB_Template::preRegister('your_template_name_here', array('catid' => $catid)); 
    Plugin is Active: Yes
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    Thank you Brian, your suggestion worked.

    tfm (posting from aam's account)

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