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    I seem to be blocked from the VBAdvanced forums. For the past month or so I have been unable to access the forum and assumed it was down. I own the Disney fan site and have a license for VBulletin and VBAdvanced Dynamics. We also use VBAdvanced CMPS and v3 Arcade for VBulletin in our forum.
    Recently we discovered that this forum is only unavailable to me because our other admins can access it. I had one of our other admins send an email/pm to let VBAdvanced know of the problem but we have not heard back as of yet. Tonight I had to use an anonymous proxy to get here and I can see why we have not heard back as the support rules clearly state: Do NOT e-mail or PM staff members for support. We do NOT handle support requests via e-mail or private messages. If you are having a problem with one of our products, please post in the appropriate support forum.
    At any rate I hope I'm in the correct area but was wondering why I am blocked from VBAdvanced. I'm sure it has to do with spam blocking software as we do the same. My IP address is Since I am blocked I will not be able to see the response to this post unless I use the anon proxy to get back in here or the problem is fixed. I never use anonymous proxy's but it was necessary at the moment.
    My emails are [email protected] or [email protected]
    Thanks, Ron (Bluedues)

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    Just stopped in to see if there were any replies or if anything had been done yet. Guess not since I had to use a proxy to get here. Check back later I guess.....

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    Oh Dear... Is vBadvanced really dead...? :,(

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