We have a current site that was coded from the ground up but we have since decided to transfer everything over to a forum format. We have vbadvanced as our homepage and would like if someone could pretty much code it to somewhat look similar to what we have.

We would like the submissions to have a thumbnail (if image is provided within the thread) then we take that and use as the thumbnail. If no image is submitted within the thread then we use a default image.

The title of the thread will be the title of the submission on vbadvanced.

The forum URL will be the "download" icon.

I have attached 2 pictures. One is of our current layout and one if how our vbadvance looks.

Please contact me via PM with price and timee frame needed. Also, submit a portfolio to make sure we are not wasting each others time. Thanks.

Current layout (Non VB)

Vbadvance that we want to mimic the above