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Thread: Install Problem: The Service is Unavailable

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    I have many vBulletin 3.8 boards, and am creating a new one now. While trying to install vBadvanced CMPS 3.2.3 I keep bumping my head into an white screen with "The Service is Unavailable".

    vBulletin Version: 3.8.7 P3
    PHP Version: 5.3.13
    MySQL Version: 5.5.23

    I ran into this problem with the last board I setup, and if I recall correctly it turned out to be an incompatibility with the latest MySQL not supporting the 'TYPE' query. How can I find the source of that query so I can change it to 'ENGINE'?

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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    I found the error. The Install PHP script was not properly reading the MySQL version. If you too are having this problem, search your vbacmps_install.php (found in admincp folder) file for:

    PHP Code:
    $enginevar 'TYPE' 
    and replace it with:

    PHP Code:
    $enginevar 'ENGINE' 
    This will force it to use the ENGINE command instead of the TYPE (now obsolete) command.

    Once you make that change, run your install script and all should work.

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