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Thread: HTML Module Size

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    Default HTML Module Size

    Is there a limit on characters in the HTML Module?

    Im writing one atm and its grown to over 62350 characters and each time I update it in for testing its culled back to around this number within the CMPS Module textbox and isn't loading correct.

    And how can I increase this to around 80,000 charactors as that's where I think Ill be finished?

    Ive looked through the settings and cant find a option for it.


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    do na

    Default you can post your html script

    you can post your script . people will help you if you want

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    Thanks anyway but ive now worked around it,

    But once I got too around 62k - 65k characters of html in a single html module, anything over it wasnt saved and didnt show.
    So my solution was to just break the single large module in to smaller ones and list them in display 1 after the other as catagories.
    This has overcome the issue and made it all a little easyer to manage too.

    Ive looked through the php.conf and cant see anything server side that may restrict things so think its more a vb or vba software thing.

    So we can class it as solved at the moment as the page is nearly finished.

    Thanks again.

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