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Thread: Links Navbar missing

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    Default Links Navbar missing

    I am running 4.2.7, and my navbar is missing. Should I just import the xml again?


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    Mmm... there is no xml...

    Could it be a problem with a template? What approach to solving the problem should I use?

    missing are:
    Submit A Link / What's New / What's Popular / Search --- the whole navbar

    as seen on other pages like:

    [I]I would like to have the navbar![I]

    What am I missing?

    How can I get help?

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    Thanks for the fix Brian!

    In case this problem effects anyone else it turns out that Vbulletin no longer likes the "middle" setting in the "Navbar Link Position" found under Modify Settings - Main Options. Just set it to "None".

    Thanks again.

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