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Thread: White Page Issue Links 4.2.7

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    Default White Page Issue Links 4.2.7

    I upgraded yesterday and installed the software and all seem to work, but I had an issue with the display of the Links I had added. Today decided to uninstall the software from the server and from Links itself to do a complete fresh install.

    Did the same thing as I did yesterday no changes and now the thing that I cannot do is submit a site. Addlink.php takes me to a Blank White Page.

    I do get this error message and seen this yesterday, but all worked fine, but I think that duplicate and letting me know, I could be wrong though.

    Warning: mysqli_query() [function.mysqli-query]: (42S21/1060): Duplicate column name 'serialize' in [path]/includes/class_core.php on line 1391
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    Today I can now submit links for some strange reason.

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