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Thread: Multiple ratings for a product review

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    Default Multiple ratings for a product review

    Hi, I'm sure this has been dealt with before by someone, but I don't see it in a search of posts related to ratings.

    It appears vB Dynamic could be the key to the function I want to provide. I'd like to set up a product review section of my vB site that allows multiple features of a product to be rated on a 5 star scale. I don't just want an average, overall rating, but 4-8 different facets of the product to be rated by multiple reviewers.

    Ideally each reviewer would also have a reviewer profile that kept track of key demographics of the reviewer, like age, weight, experience level, location, gender, etc.

    In addition, of course, I would like to be able to add a thumbs up or down rating for threads in my main forum, and by post (or is that what the reputation function is for?).

    Can vB Dynamics do this? Or is there another, more specific plug-in which achieves this function?

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    I'm sorry, but vBa Dynamics does not have the ability for users to rank multiple different things about a product. There is just the single 5 star rating that can be given.
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