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Thread: How do I apply a vBadvanced page layout to a single thread?

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    Default How do I apply a vBadvanced page layout to a single thread?

    I found a a few threads discussing this on a per forum basis but I didn't find anything that worked on a per thread basis.

    Anybody? @Brian perhaps?

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    I'm not sure of an easy way to do that unless you happen to use the "Standard URLs" option under your main vBulletin Options => Friendly URLs setting. If you do use standard URLs though then you should be able to add a new plugin with the following values:

    Product: vBadvanced CMPS
    Hook Location: init_startup
    Title: Integrate Specific Threadid
    Execution Order: 0
    Plugin PHP Code:
    PHP Code:

    $myintegratedpage 'page_identifier_here';

    if (
    $_REQUEST['t'] == $mythreadid OR $_REQUEST['threadid'] == $mythreadid)

    Plugin is Active: Yes

    (be sure to change the X on the first line of your PHP code to the threadid of the thread you want to integrate, then change page_identifier_here on the 2nd line to the page identifier of the CMPS page you want to integrate)
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    Thank you Brian.

    I am still on 3.8.x series so I don't believe I have the Standard URLs option in my admin panel. I do however use vBSEO.

    Will this pose an issue? If not, I will attempt to implement.

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