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    Hey guys, I'm running vb 4.2.2. I'm trying to create an html code for a search feature, which can be embedded into a thread (I have HTML enabled in a sub forum, which only I have access to).

    Code I'm Using:
    <form id="searchtypes" action="search.php" method="post" class=""> Search For Content:

    </form><form action="search.php?do=process" method="post" name="vbform" id="searchform" class=""> <label for="keyword">Keyword(s):</label>

    <input id="keyword" class="textbox" name="query" tabindex="0" value="" type="text"><--Type in a title or a word from the show or movie you would like to watch.
    <select id="titleonly" name="titleonly" tabindex="0"> <option value="1" selected="selected">Search Entire Posts</option> <option value="0">Search Titles Only</option> </select><--We advise you to 'Search by Title' for this option.

    <label for="forumchoice">Search in Forum(s):</label>

    <select class="primary" id="forumchoice" name="forumchoice[]" multiple="multiple" tabindex="1" size="5"> <option value="361" class="d1">Movies</option> <option value="366" class="d1">TV Shows</option> <option value="385" class="d1">Anime</option> <option value="410" class="d1"> Trailers</option> </select><--You must make a selection here, to remove unwanted search results!

    <label for="sortby">Sort Results by:</label>

    <select id="sortby" name="sortby" tabindex="1"> <option value="title">Title</option> <option value="views">Number of Views</option> </select>
    <select name="order" class="" tabindex="1"> <option value="descending" selected="selected">Most Recent</option> <option value="ascending">Earliest</option></select>

    <input class="button" name="dosearch" value="Search Now" tabindex="1" accesskey="s" type="submit"> <input class="button" value="Reset" tabindex="1" accesskey="r" type="reset">

    <input name="searchthreadid" value="" type="hidden"> <input name="s" value="" type="hidden"> <input name="securitytoken" value="1387560735-8bcbeca4054c8d973bd58df09001e99a8f6d3dc4" type="hidden">

    <input name="securitytoken" value="1387560735-8bcbeca4054c8d973bd58df09001e99a8f6d3dc4" type="hidden">

    <input name="searchfromtype" <input="" value="process" type="hidden">

    <input name="contenttypeid" value="1" type="hidden">

    Now, obviously the token expires after a while, which is the problem I'm having. Is there any way that a search feature can be used in the way described?

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    Questions regarding vBulletin would need to be asked at or since we can only support our own products here.
    Frequently Asked Questions
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    For vBadvanced software assistance, please use the support forums.
    Unsolicted PMs, IMs, and email will not be responded to.
    If you have a non-software related question or problem with your account, please submit a support ticket.

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