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    Default Conditional Footer Copyright

    I'm trying to add a conditional footer on my VB site. This is what I have so far... Works on the Links Index page, but how do I make work for any VBaLinks page, the conditional statement works? advice?

    <vb:if condition="THIS_SCRIPT == 'links_index'">

    <td align="left"></td>
    <td align="right">{vb:rawphrase powered_by_vba_links, {vb:raw vba_options.links_version}}</br>

    <vb:if condition="$show['thumbshotscopyright']">
    {vb:rawphrase thumbnails_by_thumbshots}

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    Figured it out

    Needed to be

    <vb:if condition="VBA_SCRIPT == 'links_directory'">

    my Clients using VBa: | |

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