I am sure I am going to have more then one question, so I thought I would make the title of this thread generic. Just incase I have other questions as I am setting up my vBulletin & vBAdvanced CMS.

My first question is, currently at default vBA shows Recent Threads. I want the center of my CMS to be Staff Posted Updates, and Reviews by Writers. I haven't gotten that far but I think that's just as simple as making a "News Forum" on the board and setting that up. That should be easy, but what I can't see is an option to remove the Recent Threads area.

Perhaps I am missing it, I checked Edit Page and I see the Recent Threads section, but I don't see an off option.

Thanks for the reply in advanced. (See what I did there lol vBA joke)


Edit: I did change * Number of Threads to Display to 0 and it removed it, but is there a better way to do this?