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Thread: Exclude a forum from "New Posts" number on VBadvanced

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    Default Exclude a forum from "New Posts" number on VBadvanced

    I have vbulletin 3.7.4 and VBadvanced cmps 3.0.1. I recently installed a news feed recent threads module that acts just like the recent threads module on VBadvanced page. I made them as two separate blocks so the news feed that is linked to several rss feeds did not drown out discussions on my board in the regular recent threads block.

    I installed a mod listed on vbulletin that allows you to exclude a forum from the search index. The add on worked perfect as I excluded the news feed forum that is the forum I use for all the posts coming from the RSS feeds.

    The lingering problem I have is now when members log in the "New Posts" link at the top of the VBadvanced page still shows the number of posts made by the RSS news feed. Now when it is clicked it does not include those posts. So say as an example 9 posts are made by the RSS feeds and there are no new posts in the other forums then the "New Posts" link will show 9 but when clicked it will say unavailable as if no new posts were made because the mod from vbulletin is excluding it from search.

    Is there any way to get the "New Posts" link at the top of VBadvanced to stop showing in its number of new posts a forum you would like to exclude?

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    You installed the addon that shows the number of new post next to new post in the navbar?
    If so, you will need to seek support on that thread on the org about this issue. I installed that addon but removed it due to that problem

    I also installed then uninstalled the exclude forums from new post search & hard coded the forums I wanted excluded.
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