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Thread: upgrade messed up - need to revert.

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    Exclamation upgrade messed up - need to revert.

    Is this mod still supported? I'm running vBulletin 3.8.7 pl3 and I had vBadvanced 3.2.3 running on my forum.

    I got some php errors last week because my host upgraded, so I decided to update all of my hacks to new versions. I stupidly updated vBadvanced to 4.2.1 and realized too late that I shouldn't have because it doesn't work without vB 4.x, so I messed up my homepage royally.

    I've attempted to go back to the old version I have, but I'm still getting error messages in the AdminCP and my homepage is missing all the vBa modules.

    Is there a way I can redownload vBadvanced 3.2.3 again, please? Or can someone help me fix this?

    I particularly miss the moderation module. My mods won't know when there are new members to moderate.

    Thank you!

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    Nevermind. I found the 3.2.3 version in the Member's Area. I just wasn't seeing it the first time I looked.

    It's too bad this is no longer supported. What are people using for CMPS now, I wonder?

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    Who said this is no longer supported? If you've upgraded to the latest version of the CMPS then it should work fine with the latest versions of PHP as far as I know.
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