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Thread: Phrasegroup Database Error on Install

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    Default Phrasegroup Database Error on Install

    I get a huge database error on install or at least trying to to install this mod. Please help me resolve this.

    Database error in vBulletin 4.2.2:
    Invalid SQL:
    UPDATE vb4_language SET title = title, phrasegroup_global = 'a:1664:{s:9:\"1_day_ago\";s:9:\"1 Day Ago\";s:10:\"1_hour_ago\";s:10:\"1 Hour Ago\";s:12:\"1_minute_ago\";s:12:\"1 Minute Ago\";s:7:\"1_reply\";s:7:\"1 reply\";s:10:\"1_week_ago\";s:10:\"1 Week Ago\";s:11:\"VSa_APBOUPC\";s:46:\"VSa - Advanced Permissions Based on Post Count\";s:14:\"a_closed_forum\";s:14:\"A Closed Forum\";s:6:\"accept\";s:6:\"Accept\";s:6:\"action\";s:6:\"Action\";s:14:\"active_members\";s:14:\"Active Members\";s:20:\"active_subscriptions\";s:20:\"Active Subscriptions\";s:15:\"activity_stream\";s:15:\"Activity Stream\";s:14:\"add_as_contact\";s:14:\"Add as Contact\";s:13:\"add_as_friend\";s:13:\"Add as Friend\";s:15:\"add_new_folders\";s:15:\"Add New Folders\";s:9:\"add_photo\";s:9:\"Add Photo\";s:16:\"add_subscription\";s:16:\"Add Subscription\";s:17:\"add_x_to_contacts\";s:25:\"Add %1$s to Your Contacts\";s:5:\"admin\";s:5:\"Admin\";s:19:\"admin_control_panel\";s:19:\"Admin Control Panel\";s:11:\"admin_login\";s:8:\"Admin CP\";s:23:\"admin_required_register\";s:129:\"The administrator may have required you to 
    There is literally TONS of this type of thing in the error...Just thought I'd add a little since I probably cannot post it all.
    Inherited:</strong> Using custom permissions inherited from a parent category.</li></ul></div>\";s:17:\"permissions_tools\";s:17:\"Permissions Tools\";s:22:\"use_custom_permissions\";s:22:\"Use Custom Permissions\";s:60:\"use_default_permissions_note_delete_previous_permissions_set\";s:84:\"Use Default Permissions (Note: this will delete any previous custom permissions set)\";s:25:\"using_default_permissions\";s:25:\"Using Default Permissions\";}', phrasegroupinfo = 'a:1:{s:8:\"ckeditor\";a:1:{s:11:\"maxdateline\";s:10:\"1340752403\";}}' WHERE languageid = 1;
    MySQL Error   : MySQL server has gone away
    Error Number  : 2006
    Request Date  : Thursday, March 6th 2014 @ 04:24:54 PM
    Error Date    : Thursday, March 6th 2014 @ 04:24:56 PM
    Script        : forum/admincp/vbalinks_install.php
    Referrer      : forum/admincp/vbalinks_install.php
    IP Address    : xxxxxxxxx
    Username      : HerzeleidMeister
    Classname     : vB_Database
    MySQL Version :

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    For others who maybe having this issue. This was a hosting issue and I had the host change some settings to make this work again.

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