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Thread: Same as a Business Directory??

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    Question Same as a Business Directory??

    Hello, I'm new over here obviously. Anyways I'm looking for a Business Directory and was referred over here from someone at (1)If vBadvanced Links Directory is basically the same, am I able to change 'Links Directory' to 'Business Directory'? (2) I'm running 4.2.0, are there any issues? There was one over at that seemed great, but in all honesty you damn near had to be a certified php coder as it needed about 500 fixes. (3) Is it a one-time price, or is it a recurring price every year? (4) And how long after I order will I receive it? Thank you in advance!!

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    Hi Mike, welcome.

    1). Yes, you can change the term "Links Directory" that you see throughout the demos and such here to anything you want by simply changing a setting. Note that only changes the title that you see, but other places where you see the term "links" would remain the same.

    2). Everything should work just fine with vB 4.2.0.

    3). There are no mandatory reoccurring fees. Once you purchase a license then you're free to run the software indefinitely. You're also given access to the Members' Area here for 1 year where you can download any updates that are released within that time for free. Once your license expires then you just lose the option to download the software from here or upgrade to any newer versions. You can also renew your license for another year to access new versions at any time for 1/2 the cost of a new license (currently $19.99).

    4). Instantly as long as you fund the PayPal payment using a credit card or an existing PayPal balance. If you fund the payment using your bank account then it takes a few days for PayPal to clear the payment, but your license is automatically added as soon as PayPal tells us that the payment has cleared.
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