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Thread: adding a php file module

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    Default adding a php file module

    I can't seam to remember how to add a php or html file module and make it appear within the page rather then up top above the header. I thought for sure I asked this before but I searched and couldnt find it.

    When I just use the HTML default settings and paste the code in the box, then it works as intended and the (in this case a chat module) appears below the navbar but when I try to change it to a html file page and give the path to the file, the module appears on top of the navbar. I am suspecting that in this case adding the module in this way (just adding the code in the box) may be causing a strain on the database server when I have a high volume of people.

    The custom page content module appears in the right place, it's just that the file is not showing up within the module, it shows at the top above the navbar

    Can somebody please remind me how to do it?


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    I found the clean tick box, solved the problem myself, sorry

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