It is with a bit of a heavy heart that I would like to announce that vBadvanced can no longer be officially supported. I know official support has waned over the last few years, but I have still tried my best to keep up with things while trying to earn a living and keep my bills paid. These days, vBulletin is not the same software that it once was, and it is no longer something that I can base my livelihood on as I once could. I feel extremely blessed and must say that I thoroughly enjoyed my days where my only concern was creating vBulletin add-ons and helping to support some absolutely amazing forum owners. The internet has changed drastically over the last few years though, and I feel it's "officially" time for me to move on as well. I had thoughts of evolving vBadvanced and turning our products into stand-alone software in order to keep things going, but I suppose that wasn't vBadvanced's destiny. I've recently started a new full-time position with a local company where I'll be responsible for creating software that helps to raise many millions of dollars for various charity organizations each year. It's hard to say no to an opportunity like that, and so I plan to do my best and devote my full attention to this new position.
With that said, I do still intend to keep live for as long as I can and while it's at least making enough money to keep the servers live. Just a couple of sales a month will cover that at this point. Without trying to brag, I know vBadvanced CMPS has been one of the most popular forum add-ons ever created and I would like to continue to make our products available to vB3 and vB4 forum owners for as long as possible. At the same time, I feel it's a matter of integrity to keep our customers informed, so I wanted to make this announcement to let our customers know that vBadvanced products should be considered EOL (end of life). I would like to truly thank each and every one of our customers that have made vBadvanced possible.