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    Default Roster Template/Mod

    I'm looking for a way to add a module to my site that pulls in the usergroup title, user name and appropriate usergroup color to show a team roster.

    I've got a mod for my forums but I haven't found anyone that can assist with getting the same to work on my vbadvanced home page. Can anyone assist?

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    At this point... it would be easier for you to create a new page in vBAdvanced CMPS and just manually maintain a roster. That's what we ended up doing a while back ago.

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    Sarcoth makes a great Roster mod for 4.x.x. You can find it on or get it from his website I have not found a better roster mod and he shows good support.

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    I designed a system like this that I can give you. Its not a plugin yet, so it requires some work.

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