Possible bug report: vba_links_install.php fails to complete and that maybe it should be broken down into smaller steps such as the product CSS Sprites

The problem I'm having comes from the structure of my site.com/links (where vBadvanced links is set) and my forums at site.com/forums

the /links directory index.php has broken image files and when I look for their location it tries to find them in links/images as if /links is the forum home directory. The $forumpath variable in links_config.php is correctly set to my forumhome.

There is a feature in the install script at admincp/vba_links_install.php which is to Update your image paths. I continuously receive a 504 Gateway Timeout on my nginx server. I have tried every setting I know of to increase the timeouts both in nginx and php-fpm, but the php file just gets stuck.

I saw something that looks like a work around at http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showt...light=imagedir but I'm not sure if that will work in the case of vba links and also which php file I would put it in.

So I tried placing these in links_config.php hoping they would carry globally to all php files regarding this product, but with no success.

What I tried is:

$stylevar['imgdir_buttons'] = 'https://site.com/forum/images/theme/bw/buttons';
$stylevar['imgdir_cms'] = 'https://site.com/forum/images/theme/bw/cms';
$stylevar['imgdir_misc'] = 'https://site.com/forum/images/theme/bw/misc';
$stylevar['imgdir_pagination'] = 'https://site.com/forum/images/theme/bw/pagination';

Is there a way to break the install script into reasonable steps. I have around a dozen styles and am thinking maybe it just cannot process all of them and maybe it is trying to process them in a single go.

I hope somebody can help me, because I never got use of this paid product and am looking to implement it now that I have a little free time.