I've been searching for hours to fix this problem and I'm not sure if I just missed it when searching or not so I'm going to ask it.
Forgive me if there is a thread explaining more about it . I might have missed it.

I was wondering if it is possible to make the navigation manager work with the CMPS.
I am trying to do two things:

1) Creating a tab named "home" which leads to the CMPS index page as the main frontpage.
For now, the navigation highlights when the frontpage is active. That is fine.
But whenever I want to add more sub-menus (links) they won't show up below the navigation button.
I tried almost anything that I found but still no-go.

2) Creating a tab named "information" with sub-menus (link) as well.
The problem here is that it doesn't even highlight when I am at the page itself (f.e. mywebsite/index.php?page=aboutus).
Ideally I want to create a dropdown menu out of it while the active element shows up when visiting a sub-page.

I know that I can show the information tab by creating a page and set it as "Add Navbar Tab" and adding sub-pages to it.
That is however not my intention (I can also only decide to show it at the start or ending, which is not really what I am looking for).
Same for the home tab.

I hope that someone could put me out of my searching misery and help me out here .
If it isn't possible well then at least I know I should search in another direction.

If something is unclear or more information is required then please ask.

Many thanks in advance!

~ Xarwin