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Thread: Problem with link stickies

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    Default Problem with link stickies

    Whenever I try to make a link a sticky I get this error message:

    No Category specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator
    Thing is its in a category so there IS a category. I've tried the following...

    1. Turned off the SEO portion which was suggested in another thread. I think Brian said to turn off vBSEO, I do not have a SEO mod installed on my site. I had one installed at one time but I have since then removed it.

    2. I have tried doing this within the default skin and I have the same issue.

    Please help as this is a big part of my web site.

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    Sadly there seems to be no reply and no help. I realize that Brian has stopped support but I had hoped someone would have been able to help. Guess this was just a waste of money for me as its a useless piece of software for me.

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