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Thread: Blank Page upon moving to new server

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    Default Blank Page upon moving to new server


    I've migrated to a new server, and I'm getting a blank page on what should be index.php. I've done a fair bit of googling on this, and haven't managed to find a solution.

    I've followed the instructions, uninstalled and reinstalled, rebuilt the templates, renamed cmps_index.php to index.php , changed that setting to index.php in vBadvanced CMPS Options > Default Options > Main Options and no joy.

    If I mess with the forumpath, it shows me an error about an incorrect forumpath, so it serves pages OK. The forum itself is fine too

    There's nothing showing in the PHP error log, the permissions look OK, I've restarted the web server a bunch of times, and the vBA diagnostics in the ACP show everything is fine. All the vBA related fields in the ACP work fine,

    I'm running PHP 5.4.39 and VBA 3.2.3 (yes, I know its old sadly).

    Is there anything else I could try here?

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    Managed to fix this if anyone comes across the same.

    In your renamed cmps_index.php file (index.php) add the following two lines under <?php


    That'll force that page to show errors. In my case the forumpath reported by forumpath.php wasn't correct, and when I edited it, it worked again.

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