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Thread: Header and Tab issues

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    Default Header and Tab issues

    I have not messed around with this for quite some time. I just noticed that my vba cms headers and tabs on my CMS pages are all screwed up when I open a template page. I have tried everything to correct them. I also upgraded to the latest version of CMS.

    Does anyone have any ideas what has happened or gone wrong here?

    Here is what my headers should look like:

    But here is what they looks like:

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    Did your host happen to upgrade PHP without informing you? I had that issue as well and found out it was because of PHP v5.6 being installed. After I did a step down to v5.4 everything was good.

    EDIT: I am looking at your site right now and it renders just fine.
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    It works correctly on vb pages but it does not render fine on vba cms pages. Here is a vba cms page here

    I am running php 5.3.27

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