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Thread: Making vBAdvanced CMPS Mobile Friendly - Avoid Google Penalty!

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    Lightbulb Making vBAdvanced CMPS Mobile Friendly - Avoid Google Penalty!

    Many vBAdvanced Users have come to realize that their CMPS Portal system is not mobile friendly.

    Google now penalizes sites for not being mobile friendly as of April 21st, 2015.

    Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices.
    Test Your Site!
    You can view information and documentation and also test your site.

    If I don't use vBAdvanced, how do I become Mobile Friendly?
    • AdminCP > Settings > Options > Style & Language Settings > *Scroll to find "Default Style for Old Mobile Browsers" and "Default Style for Modern Mobile Browsers" and set both to the Default Mobile Style.

    The "Default Style" should be set to a normal desktop/pc style, if you set this as the Default Mobile Style it can produce a blank white page upon visiting the forum so ensure that you leave the "Default Style" setting alone and only change the settings for "Default Style for Old Mobile Browsers" and "Default Style for Modern Mobile Browsers" respectively.

    That one simple change to two settings now has your site shown as Mobile Friendly, test it to be sure!

    If I use vBa CMPS - What does vBAdvanced Recommend?
    If you use vBAdvanced CMPS Portal System your site will not test as mobile friendly when using the vBulletin default mobile style. vBAdvanced CMPS is known to not be mobile friendly, you can reference that here:
    CMPS page is empy when viewing on a mobile device.

    Then the work-around is in this thread:
    ^ Although this doesn't always work for everyone.

    Instead it was advised to disable the cmps on mobile devices:
    ^ Reference post #6 in that thread.

    However as many site owners know, the CMPS is their home page and/or primary portal system so disabling it on mobile devices is not the way to go, the best thing to do is to have the CMPS working properly in the mobile style so it's 100% mobile friendly!

    How can I make vBAdvanced CMPS Mobile Friendly?
    That terd-face TheLastSuperman has successfully done this! Please note the .xml file attached is for vB4.x series only, this fix has only been performed on a vBulletin 4 site and since no default mobile style exist in vBulletin 3 this tutorial does not apply to vBulletin 3 powered sites respectively. Here is a quick guide on how to make your vBulletin vBAdvanced CMPS mobile friendly:

    • Install the Innovative Template Manager (vB4.x Series).
    • > AdminCP > Template Manager > Import / Export Templates > *Now click the top selection to "Import templates from XML file".
    • *On the right, click the checkbox titled "Default Mobile Style" so the templates are added to the mobile style ONLY.
    • Download the correct template file (right-click and choose to Save As) and save it to your desktop: For vBAdvanced 4.2.1 use this vbulletin-vba-cmps-templates.xml OR For vBAdvanced 4.3.0 use this vbulletin-vba-cmps-templates-430.xml
    • *Click BROWSE and select the file vbulletin-vba-cmps-templates.xml from your desktop.
    • *Click the box "Add Template(s)" to import the missing templates.

    Example Import Templates Image:

    After you import the templates, check the CMPS using your Default Mobile Style, it should now work properly and test as mobile friendly - Enjoy no penalty and a working CMPS system!

    A Screenshot of the templates you need to have in the default mobile style in order for the CMPS to work properly in the mobile style (4.3.0 has more templates respectively):

    Please Note:
    • The templates in the file provided are from vBa CMPS ver4.2.1 OR 4.3.0 ONLY, the most current is vBa CMPS ver4.3.0 as of 10/21/2015. So with that being said, if you run a version between 4.2.1 and 4.3.0 and notice any issues - simply edit your default styles vBA templates and carefully copy the template contents then paste over the same templates in the default mobile style which will ensure all the templates are from the current version you have installed.
    • While the CMPS can display on the default mobile style with some adjustments, your widget content can still cause it to not pass the "Mobile Friendly" test i.e. if links are too close together or if using stacked images that are also links - it truly depends on your widget content. Making adjustments to widgets and other issues listed will result in it finally passing.

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    Reserved. *Will post any pertinent questions and answers here.

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    The "Innovative Template Manager" link doesn't appear to be wrong or mistyped. must the the mod you meant to type.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RoboCop1985 View Post
    The "Innovative Template Manager" link doesn't appear to be wrong or mistyped. must the the mod you meant to type.
    Yes it is, thanks for the catch! Unfortunately I'm not able to edit my above post so your link will serve as the link to the mod instead .

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