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Thread: Highest PHP compatible with 3.2.3?

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    Default Highest PHP compatible with 3.2.3?

    I have a forum running vB 3.8.5 with CMPS 3.2.3 installed and working just fine. However, I want to upgrade the forum software to a later 3.X version to allow for newer PHP versions and better performance. Can anyone tell me how high we can go with PHP versions and this final CMPS for version 3? The vB people are currently working on a new 3.x version that will work with PHP 7.x, will CMPS work with that when it's time?

    Also, when upgrading the forum software, do we need to do anything with CMPS, like turn it off or anything else?


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    Nobody? This is something I really need to know.

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    I have same issue... would like to upgrade to php 7.1... but cant due to this... well... i did, but had to downgrade

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