I wonder if anyone can help me fix the Latest Topics module in CMPS 4.2.1.

My vBulletin community uses the Latest Topics module (several copies of it -- and for about 10 years now) heavily and since the newest version of vBulletin (4.2.5) this module no longer works properly... it doesn't identify new posts in a thread right. Used to be the thread title would be bold and a Go to first new post link would be available if the thread contained new unread posts. That's no longer the case. The bold title and Go to link seem to be random now. The go to link still seems to work, going to the first unread post, but the indicators seem to be wonky.

vBulletin told me that they removed the option to use cookies for thread marking in the latest update. That thread marking is now done exclusively by the database. Is this what's broken the Latest Topics module? Is the module looking for thread marking in cookies and that info isn't available any longer? (I don't even remember which option, cookie or database, I used before they took this option away.)

The module in CMPS is so much better than what's built in to vBulletin.

Any help at all, even just pointing me in the right direction, would be so much appreciated.