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    Default Extra / in Chrome

    Only if I view my site in Chrome do I see an extra / -
    Explorer and Firefox render it correctly -

    If you move to certain other tabs after using the links link in Chrome it effects them by inserting "/links" in them.

    I have searched for where the problem may have come from but can not find it. Any ideas?

    Maybe this is not totally correct I just did a check on the links posted above and the contamination moved back into Firefox and Explorer Although, they had been displaying correctly.

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    It appears that if you go to the page the first time, or refresh while on the homepage, all looks good when you hover over the navigation tabs. Once you have clicked on the "Links" tab, if you hover over the other tabs you get the links/ inserted in the urls of all but the "Home" tab.

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    I had my Links in a separate directory. I have moved them into the forums directory and it seems to have cleaned up the problem.

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