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Thread: Site migrated but module paths haven't updated

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    Default Site migrated but module paths haven't updated

    Hi, I understand this product is no longer supported but I am tasked with migrating a site which relies heavily on it and I'm having troubles.

    I have updated the forumpath variable in the index but the modules still use the paths from the old server.

    I've tried running all the reinstalls (modules, settings, image paths) from vbacmps_install.php but still when I go to admincp -> VBA CMPS -> edit pages, the path to file still showing the old path and the page is busted.

    I'd rather not doing a string search and replace on the 1GB database if possible.

    Any help or suggestions would be wildly appreciated.

    Thanks, Desperate Dave

    VBulletin 4.2.5, PHP 7.2.5, VBA 4.3.0
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