I tried to find information on integration of CPMfetch together with vBulletin / vBadvanced.
The modification works with vBulletin 4.1.11 and vBadvanced CMPS v4.2.0.

I'm not a programmer and I do not know about coding, but I managed to integrate CPMfetch for vBadvanced.

First of all, you need coppermine photo gallery + CPMfetch mod + vbAdvanced + you need to create a new .php file.
I used Rapid php for this.
You can name the .php file as you like it. I called to "om_resources_thumbnail_gallery.php"
- ./gallery/ name is your name folder where you have CPMfetch mod.

- in line $objCpm->cpm_viewLastAddedMedia(1,1); set how many images you want to show.

    include "./gallery/cpmfetch/cpmfetch.php";
    $objCpm = new cpm("./gallery/cpmfetch/cpmfetch_config.php");
Next step is upload your new file .php ("om_resources_thumbnail_gallery.php") to your folder on serwer where you have Modules from vBadvanced.
Next you go to vBulletin Admin Panel > vBa CMPS > Add Module > (Module Type set to ) [PHP File Module].

In next window you need to add :
- Module Title: whatever you called
- set module to Active : YES
- File to Include: pick up your .php file from the list > (om_resources_thumbnail_gallery_1) or whatever you called this file.
- Identifier: PHP file modules require a unique identifier to help identify the module and its settings. Please note that this cannot be changed later and the identifier used for each PHP module must be unique.
- Clean File Output: set to YES ( If you check this option on "NO" your thumbnail preview from galleri will be displayed at the very top of the page instead of in the module with vBadvanced. So I suggest you check this option on "YES")

- Use Module Wrapper Template : set to YES
- Usergroup Permissions: You can select groups for which images from the gallery will be displayed in the vBadvanced module.

Next step is Save and you go to the next page from vBa Admin Panel:
- Your module has been successfully saved. Click "Go Back" to add another module, or click "Continue" to activate this module on your CMPS pages. So click "Continue"
- Pick where you want to show this modules ( whitch page and whitch column )
Thats all.

I hope that my English is understandable (English is not too strong for me, sorry) and I hope that someone will find this information useful.
In the attachments I added a preview from "vBA Admin Panel"

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One thing I don't now how to solved:

Everything works fine but the thumbnail in module shows from left side (check image from attachments)
I would like to show images to center not from left side.