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Thread: Porting an existing site?

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    Default Porting an existing site?

    I have an existing site that I want to port to VBA.

    Are there and excellent guides to talk me through it?

    or is there anyone that wants a crack at doing it?

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    Default Re: Porting an existing site?

    There shouldn't be anything to port. You may have to change some image paths, but other than that it should work "out of the box".

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    Default Re: Porting an existing site?

    Do you have a link? Depending on what your existing front page looks like it could be a simple task, as Brian indicates, or a bit more complex.
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    Default Re: Porting an existing site?

    Sorry for the late reply, Ive been away working.

    This is the design I want to use for the VBA Poral.

    I also have a question about what I plan to do with it.

    I want to set up the portal so that the public can register and access the site and the forums, but I want some content/forums to only be avalible to guild memebrs. Is this possible?
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    Default Re: Porting an existing site?


    You can set each module (each 'box' that appears on the portal page) to be visible based upon usergroup permissions so that means that a module might appear for one usergroup but not others.

    For the current page you're using, that could be down through two modules; a 'navigation' module for the left and a static HTML module in the center. You may have to play around a bit to get those blue borders around the CMPS section. Normally CMPS will use the same style as your vBulletin but if you have any tricky HTML coding that currently isn't handled through the vBulletin style then you may have to tweak the CMPS templates to duplicate it.

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