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Thread: I finally got VB and love it

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    Arrow I finally got VB and love it

    I have been using Invision board for years and finally made the switch. I will tell you this has to be the best forum software to date. One problem I have some where I modified something and the link to your guys powered by Vbadvance has vanished. I am not familiar with VB as I am still learning. I need to know where I add this back in as credit for an excellent add-on.

    You can check out my site here and opinions are always welcome especially if you see something wrong.

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    You should only need to revert the vba_footer template...
    I may or may not do things.

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    To revert the vba_footer template, go to:

    Admin Control Panel | Styles & Templates | Style Manager

    Now go to the style you modified and choose Edit Templates

    Click on the button that looks like << >> on the left of the words All Template Groups under Controls to expand all of your templates in the left panel.

    Scroll down in the left panel until you see adv_portal_footer. It should show up in either red or orange since it has been modified.

    Select that template (do not double click it) and click on the Revert button under Controls.

    You should now have a Confirm Deletion box with an explanation of what's about to happen.
    Understand that you are going to revert the template back to its default state. You are not going to delete it completely.

    Click Yes and you're done.

    Make sure your CMPS is now working.

    - Sid

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