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Thread: Do you like vBa CMPS?

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    I love the script but the documentation needs work, esp for someone who is new to php and learning how to read these things in general. But then again, this script isn't the only one I've had problems figuring out.

    I finally managed the installation, now I'm TRYING to wrangle the modules into place. Liz

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    vBa CMPS is the best VB portal I have used.
    I love what is capable of and I am thrilled to be able to learn to use it for free!

    The documentation however in my opinion is not up to the same standards as the product itself.
    The author leaves out a few small steps that are crucial to understanding the concept of adding content to the CMPS.

    This gist of this thread & example code should have been originally included in a proper manual (would not hurt to update the manual now with this information).

    Sometimes (myself included) people that are very familiar with their work forget that other peers in the same industry don't always have the basic understanding of ALL the concepts crucial to the completion of the task at hand.

    I have taught school for the last 9 years (pipefitter trigonometry & orbital welding to journeymen & apprentices) so I have had many lessons taught to me by my students about not assuming everyone has the same knowledge or concept base.

    Based on my short stay here at vbadvanced I'm certain both the products & documentaion will only get better with time!

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