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Thread: Navigation Module issue

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    Default Navigation Module issue


    When entering a page in the Navigation Module at "Additional Pages", it does show up as a link in all pages i create from there on.

    But when i edit the new page and delete the link, there´s no way to add another link or at least, it won´t show up in the Navigation Module.

    There seems to be no other way than remaking each of the new pages?!?

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    Default Re: Navigation Module issue

    Admin CP => vBa CMPS => Edit Modules => Site Navigation

    Make sure you are adding your links there and not on a specific page. If you have already modified a specific page(s) and changed the links in the module there then you will need to edit those pages again and set that option to use the default again.

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    Default Re: Navigation Module issue

    That made it. Thanks for this great mod!

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